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AHA Card Lookup

Have you already taken your AHA class but can’t find a copy of your certification? Great news! All AHA certifications are electronic and stored online on your AHA account so you can follow our directions below for an AHA Card Lookup to get a copy 365, 24/7!

How to Find a Copy of your AHA Card

bls certification example

If you took your class at our office in Longwood, you should have followed the instructors directions at the end of your class to email your certification to yourself and also screenshot/download your certification so you should search your email for “Your AHA eCard” or check your downloaded files/photos on your phone. If you didn’t, or you took your class somewhere else, follow the directions below to re-access your certification:

Go to the AHA eCard Search website and enter your first name, last name, and email address that you used when you took your class. You will be prompted to answer the security question you set up when you first created your account. If you can’t remember the answer for any reason, you can simply reset it.

aha ecards

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Make sure you are using the correct email address. If you took your class through your employer, you should try using your employee email to find your previous certification.
  • The name you type in on the eCard Search page must match the name that the certification was issued IDENTICALLY.
  • Common variations of your name to try if you aren’t finding your certification include adding a middle initial, accent mark over a letter, or title. See below for examples!

Example Name Tried

Example Suggestion

Did you ask for your middle initial to be on your certification?

Shawn Spencer

Shawn P. Spencer or Shawn Paul Spencer

Did you ask for a title to be added to your certification?

Shawn Spencer

Shawn Spencer, MD or Dr. Shawn Spencer

Do you have an accent mark over a letter in your name?

Zoe Spencer

Zoë Spencer

Does your name have a hyphen?

Mary Jane Spencer

Mary-Jane Spencer

If you’ve tried all of these suggestions and still can’t locate your certification, you should reach out to the instructor who taught your class. They should be able to assist you with locating a copy. Note that most instructors/Training Centers will charge a fee for eCard retrieval.