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BLS vs. Heartsaver Classes

What's the difference between BLS and Heartsaver classes?

The main difference between BLS (Basic Life Support) and Heartsaver CPR courses is that the BLS courses are typically required for healthcare professionals working in the hospital or students in a healthcare profession. If you are a healthcare provider or student going into a healthcare field, you must take the AHA Basic Life Support (BLS) course.

Who should take the BLS CPR Class?

Our AHA BLS course is open to anyone ages 16 and older. This course covers adult, child, and infant CPR, AED, and choking relief. Healthcare providers or students who are going into a healthcare field must take the AHA BLS course.

Who should take the Heartsaver CPR Class?

The Heartsaver CPR courses are for students who simply want to learn CPR for their own knowledge or for individuals who need a CPR certification for their employment that do not work in a healthcare field. There are multiple different options for the Heartsaver classes depending on what skills you want to learn. We offer the Heartsaver courses as a hybrid option, where you complete the cognitive portion of the course at home and then come in-person for only the hands-on skills practice, to ask questions, and receive your official certification. This method is preferred by most students as the online course is self-paced.

Will my certification be accepted by my employer if I complete the hybrid/skills session option for Heartsaver instead of the fully in-person course?

Yes, the certification you’re issued after completing the American Heart Association (AHA) hybrid option/skills session for the Heartsaver courses is identical to the certification you would receive after taking a fully in-person Heartsaver course.

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